Welcome to Healthy Tweeting™

Healthy Tweeting™ provides you a way to keep a record of all your health and well being related information in a single place. Keep track of important pieces of information such as your blood pressure, your blood sugar levels, your weight, your diet, your medications, symptoms and conditions etc.

You can use then see graphs and charts that plot your data, allowing you to identify where changes in your lifestyle may be impacting upon your health and medical conditions.

Share all or a subset of your information with your doctors/therapists and medical insurers to help them deliver a more tailored service to you.

Use any Internet enabled device to record your information at any time and in any place. You can optionally store your location, so you can keep track of that too.

Perhaps you have diabetes and want to monitor the changes in your blood sugar levels throughout the day and after eating. Use your Internet enabled mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer to record your results immediately and with ease.

Did you know?

You can now email your tweets directly, simply use your registered email address and send your message to tweet@healthytweeting.com, the body of your message is logged as a 'Note' tweet type.

You can now email content directly into your 'My Drive' area, simply use your registered email address and send an email with attachments to saveto@healthytweeting.com