Terms & Conditions

Healthy Tweeting™ is a tool provided to users allowing the collection and storage of all kinds of information.

Healthy Tweeting™ do not accept responsibility for the validity of the information entered. The data clearly remains the responsibility of its owner.

Healthy Tweeting™ is a technology data collection and storage service and therefore does not proport to be valid against any medical or healthcare related standards. The designers of the system are technologists and whilst they have experience in using technology in patient monitoring and clinical trials, they are not medically licensed nor is the system. It is the responsibility of the owner working in collaboration with recognised healthcare professional to maintain the validity of any information stored.

Healthy Tweeting™ respect your privacy and will not share information with other sources unless you grant specific permission to do so. If you elect to use the sharing facilities of the software you take responsibility for that information being transmitted to other systems and individuals/groups/organisations.

Any data of a personal nature, i.e. which can specifically identify you as an individual such as names etc, is encrypted within the database to prevent hackers from gaining access. Your username (email address) is not encrypted however although other information such as passwords, pin numbers and challenge answers are.